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Denise 1

It's not weakness to ask for help


















One of the greatest signs of strength is asking for help when you need it.  You are not alone.

Find mental health resources in our community at

#howareyoureally #mentalhealthmatters


Denise 2

It's never a weakness to ask for help.  We care about you.

Find mental health community resources at:

#howareyoureally #mentalhealthmatters


Mindy 1

How are you really doing?


















Staying mentally healthy takes many forms, including talking with loved ones.

Get community resources, including Mental Health Conversation Starters at:

#howareyoureally #mentalhealthmatters


Mindy 2

Asking a loved one how they're really doing can make a real difference.

Find a Mental Health Conversation Starters resource sheet at:

#howareyoureally #mentalhealthmatters


Sheriff Ed 1

Maintaining mental health means knowing how to manage it.


















Support for our mental health can take many forms, but the first step is to reach out and ask for help.

Our community has your back.  Discover mental health resources at:

#howareyoureally #mentalhealthmatters


Sheriff Ed 2


The first step to maintaining mental health is knowing how to manage it.

Find resources and tips to stay mentally fit at:

#howareyoureally #mentalhealthmatters


Jenna 1

Destigmatize depression


















Your mental health matters to our community.  Remember: you are never alone.

Get access to mental health resources in our community at

#howareyoureally #mentalhealthmatters


Jenna 2

Unless we destigmatize talking about mental health, more people will suffer in silence.

Remember: there is always hope.  Find mental health resources at

#howareyoureally #mentalhealthmatters


Video Sharing Instructions

To share videos on your social media channels do the following:

  • Facebook – copy and paste the YouTube URLs into a post.
  • Instagram – add the link to the "Bio" section of your profile.