75 Ways Kids Can Show They Care

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The Columbus Area United Way turned 75 years old this year! To celebrate, we are doing our best to help as many people as we can this year -- and we need your help!

We’ve put together 75 ways you can show you care for others. You can also come up with your own ways. You can make a difference, it doesn’t matter how old you are. What is important is that you remember to think beyond “me” to “we.”

1.     Draw a picture for a far-away friend.
2.     Feed and care for the family pet.
3.     Ask how you can help your teacher.
4.     Send a letter to a soldier.
5.     Compliment a person you don’t know.
6.     Host a food drive for Platte County Food Pantry.
7.     Help someone better use the computer or phone.
8.     Share a smile with someone who’s missing one.
9.     Respect someone’s opinion.
10.     Tell someone a joke to make them smile.
11.     Share your toys.
12.     Lead an adopt-a-charity program in your neighborhood.
13.     Become smarter by doing your homework!
14.     Use your talents to help others.
15.     Show respect for others.
16.     Raise money for CASA for kids that need help.
17.     Carol around the neighborhood during the holidays.
18.     Share outgrown clothes with a local charity.
19.     Remember your manners.
20.     Make baked goods for Youth For Christ’s after-school program.
21.     Organize a car wash and donate the money you make.
22.     Make valentine cards for senior citizens.
23.     Make a fleece blanket for a cancer patient.
24.     Have a garage sale or lemonade stand for your favorite cause.
25.     Donate games to the Big Pals—Little Pals or Teammates mentoring program.
26.     Draw a picture for someone.
27.     Wish someone Happy Birthday!
28.     Pick up trash.
29.     Be kind to others.
30.     Have birthday party guests donate to charity.
31.     Share treats you made with a neighbor.
32.     Volunteer for the United Way!
33.     Show respect to police officers, firefighters and EMTs.
34.     Water a neighbor’s flowers.
35.     Make a get well card for someone who’s sick.
36.     Help your family make dinner.
37.     Use your talents to help others.
38.     Donate a book to at Platte Valley Literacy Association LiBEARy program.
39.     Share something nice about your friends with them.
40.     Send a thank you note to someone.
41.     Remember people’s names.
42.     Donate a toothbrush for the Student Health dental hygiene program.
43.     Forgive others.
44.     Donate craft supplies to a preschool.
45.     Participate in local run or walk for charity.
46.     Hold the door open for someone.
47.     Donate toys or stuffed animals to kids at Center for Survivors.
48.     Do your chores without being asked.
49.     Plant a tree.
50.     Purchase a gift for a family in need during the holidays.
51.     Give someone flowers.
52.     Help a sibling with homework.
53.     Visit a retirement home to play board games.
54.     Comfort a friend or classmate when they are upset.
55.     Volunteer for the Arc of Platte County’s Pals N Play Day.
56.     Invite a new student to sit with you at lunch.
57.     Tell someone when you think something isn’t right.
58.     Collect aluminum cans, then donate the money to charity.
59.     Bring flowers to a local nursing home.
60.     Enter the Youth Philanthropy Contest.
61.     Make warm scarves to donate.
62.     Plant a garden and share the produce.
63.     Shovel snow or rake leaves for a neighbor.
64.     Write a letter to your elected official about a cause you believe in.
65.     Pet sit for a neighbor or friend.
66.     Host a recycling event.
67.     Give someone a high five.
68.     Volunteer and learn new skills with Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts.
69.     Cheer on athletes at a sporting event.
70.     Befriend new students.
71.     Bake cookies and give them to your neighbors.
72.     Be healthy! Visit the YMCA with your family and friends.
73.     Help do some spring cleaning at a nonprofit.
74.     Say please and thank you.
75.     Fill a savings jar and use the money to help others.

We’d love it if you’d share your stories (and pictures) with us if you do something to show you care in an email or on our Facebook page.

You can also contact us at (402) 564-5661 if you need help with your project or have any questions!