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The Endowment enhances traditional United way fundraising methods by offering donors new gift opportunities

Consider a lasting gift to the Columbus Area United Way. If you are currently supporting the Columbus Area United Way through a gift to the annual campaign, you're helping people today.

Another gift giving option to consider is through our endowment where you have the satisfaction of knowing your spirit of caring will live on and continue to touch the community year after year.

There are many ways to provide "future funding" for human services in our community that don't require great wealth.  The most important element is your personal interest.  By planning your giving you may also gain some significant financial and tax advantages you wouldn't otherwise know about.  Your professional advisor can help you determine your pesonal and family needs and how to consider a bequest to the Columbus Area United Way.

Unless otherwise directed by you, the principle of your gift will be retained in the Endowment fund to produce income for distribution year after year to continue the work of the United Way in this community.  Please contact the United Way for more information.



The Columbus Area United Way Endowment was first established in 1992 after receiving a bequest from Mr. Gus Meyer to the United Way.  This gift gave the United Way a solid foundation on which to build an endowment for the future of the Columbus area.  Then in 1995, Marie Froemel also included the Columbus Area United Way as a beneficiary of her estate.

These two bequests along with additional memorials, have allowed the Endowment to grow annually.