Workplace Campaign


Partnering with Columbus Area United Way to provide a Workplace campaign allows the opportunity for local entities to extend their impact in giving to the local community.

What Is A Workplace Giving Campaign?

A workplace campaign is an organized, company-sponsored fundraising drive where employees are given the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the Columbus Area United Way.

• Campaigns make it easy for employees to give – through payroll deduction. A gift can be made over the course of a year or at one time.

• Campaigns educate employees and organizations about local issues – connecting them with their community and allowing them to make informed decisions.

• Columbus Area United Way provides support, we will help you set your goals, plan your campaign and provide materials to make your campaign fun and engaging and effective.

Get Started

Interested in learning more about starting a Columbus Area United Way campaign at your workplace? Email Executive Director Hope Freshour, or call 402-564-5661.

Check out our Campaign Toolkit for some incredible resources!

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