Community Organizations Active in Disaster

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In the past months, the United Way has been participating in meetings with Platte County Emergency Management and other organizations in the Columbus area to help develop the Platte County COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster). 


All disasters begin and end at the local level. Those who can best serve the communities impacted are those in the community themselves. It is important to bring together organizations who are directly involved in both short-term efforts, and long-term efforts. After a disaster, neighbors and community organizations want to reach out and help. Platte County COAD ensures that organizations that want to be involved can efficiently and effectively contribute to the recovery process.  Through cooperation, coordination, communication, and collaboration, the Platte County COAD can build a strong, resilient, educated community that can handle any disaster that my come upon us. 


The United Way is proud to be a part of the Platte County COAD and assist as needed in the event of a community wide emergency.  For more information on the Platte County COAD and upcoming meetings and events, contact Tim Hofbauer, Director of Columbus/Platte County Emergency Management at 402-564-1206, by email at