Community Response

Community Response (CR) is a system of support and services for children, youth, and families to prevent unnecessary entry into the child welfare system and/or other high-end systems of care.

Who Can We Serve?

  • Single or two-parent families WITH children 18 or younger in their household
  • Parents/caregivers can be legal guardians (or not) to the children
  • Parents/caregivers who are willing to actively meet with a Family Coach or are being served in a like manner by another organization
  • Proof of Citizenship not required
  • Probation cases, if determined there is a need beyond what Probation can provide for the individual
  • Pregnant or parenting youth/young adults
  • Young adults without children (ages 19-25)
  • ​Youth and young adults needing financial support for mental health services (as referred by schools or community agencies)
  • Residents of; Platte, Colfax, Boone, and Nance counties who are described above

Community Response Referral Instructions for Service Providers